Our Philosophy

We believe that every Child has the right to feel secure whilst in our care and for the Families to know that their Child is safe and protected at all times. Quality education and care is about providing a safe environment for them to play, develop their skills, build a sense of identity and promote their abilities.

It is important to us that the Child and Family feel a sense of comfort in our environment. The support of a Child gives them the holistic understanding that they can dream, believe and be the decision makers in all matters that affect them. Without support, a Child cannot be free to explore, shape opinions and create beliefs that become the foundation of their life experiences. Promoting a Child’s health and safety and valuing the importance of the early childhood years is necessary for them to learn and grow without hesitation.

Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships form the foundation between Educator, Child, Family and Community and these relationships are paramount in providing positive outcomes in a Child’s development. Our curriculum has provided us a wonderful platform to build and maintain these relationships to stay connected with each other and respect and support the role of Parents and Families within the community.

You are welcome to join us in our home away from home.

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